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 booking service
how it works
Outline of the online booking process
  1. Customer fills in online Secure Booking Form, with an available date, duration, property, personal details and payment method.
  2. Request is accepted as a provisional booking, shown in yellow on the Availability chart.
  3. Owner receives an email containing provisional booking details, and will see a reminder on logging in to the Admin Console.
  4. Owner processes payment (pays in a cheque sent by post, or supplies the card details via a merchant terminal as a "customer not present" transaction).
  5. Owner updates the booking via the Admin Console from "Deposit Due" to "Deposit Paid". An email is created to inform the customer that the booking is confirmed.
  6. Dates are now shown as confirmed booking, in red, on the Availability chart and are not available to other customers.
  7. When a Balance becomes due, a reminder appears in the Admin Console, prompting the owner to process a balance payment.
  8. Optionally, when this is completed, a Final Confirmation email can be sent with additional information such as directions to the property, local shops etc.
The process for taking telephone, fax, email or postal bookings is exactly the same as above, except that in step 1 the owner keys the information supplied by the customer into the New Booking form in the Admin Console.