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 booking service
EseBooking is a service designed to give the property owner or agent the ability to manage bookings and availability via the internet.

The standard package consists of:

To try out all of these features yourself, please visit AllMyBookingsâ„¢, our demonstration site.

Pre-requisites for the standard package:
  1. The owner must have a computer with a reliable internet connection, as all bookings are managed via secure internet pages (the Administration Console). Broadband is preferable, but not essential. To ensure that the online availability is always accurate, bookings taken by telephone, fax, email or post must be entered into the Admin Console as soon as they are received. Ideally, the Admin Console should be a full replacement for any paper-based bookings diary. If this is not possible for any reason, then the Admin Console must be treated as a full duplicate of the existing booking mechanism.
  2. The owner must provide their own facilities for handling payments. If payments by Credit or Debit card are required, the owner must have their own Merchant ID and terminal to process such payments. The standard package does not perform online payment transactions. It stores the payment details securely so that only the owner has access to them. The standard package can be used without taking Credit or Debit card payments. Customers can be advised that their booking is provisional and will not be confirmed until the owner has received and paid in a cheque.
  3. The owner must have an existing website to which links can be added for customers to navigate to the Availability display page(s).