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Esekey Limited was founded in 2003 by Dave Lockwood, after many hours of frustration as a customer trying to book self-catering accommodation on the net. With over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, many of them working on high volume transactional systems and e-commerce websites, Dave decided he could do better himself, so he set out to build an online booking system from scratch. His objectives were simple: make it easy to manage, easy to use and low-cost, to appeal directly to individual holiday cottage owners.

The result is a service that is scaleable from an individual one-bedroom property through to an agency with hundreds of properties.

All you need to use the service is a reliable internet connection, a PC with web browser and a printer.

Esekey Limited can provide a range of services for holiday cottage owners and agents in the UK.

Our services include competitively priced business and technical consultancy and advice on e-commerce and web sites, and we specialise in the creation and hosting of a complete website to order, with availability and online booking built-in, based on our EseSite and EseBooking services.

For further information,click here to email any questions you may have to us, or call us on 07860 832741.